By Dave Brousseau

Staff Writer

FORT LAUDERDALE – Sophomore twins Ausar and Amen Thompson have hardly scratched their talent potential.

What’s nice about them is as good as they are, they haven’t really scratched the surface yet,” said Pine Crest coach Barry Connors. “They have so much room to improve in so many different ways it’s excited to think that’s possible.”

What they do on the court has made the Panthers a solid team halfway through the 2019-20 high school season.

On Friday at the inaugural BoxScoreReport Shootout, the pair of 6-5 guards were again the dominate players in the Panthers 75-66 victory over Suncoast at Westminster Academy.

It was the fifth straight win for Pine Crest (10-3), tying last year’s longest win streak.

Amen Thompson scored 22 points and Ausar Thompson added 21 points, which was just over 57-percent of the Panthers offense.

“We have played together all our lives and I know what my brother is going to do sometimes,” said Amen Thompson. “It makes it fun to playing with him.”

After a slow start by both team, Pine Crest built a 35-25 lead at the half and was never threatened.

“I don’t feel any pressure because our teammates can play,” said Ausar Thompson. “I still need to work on my jump shot and finishing. We need to work on smart plays and let the ball come to us.”

Eros Carpio added 13 points for the Panthers. Samuel Roll led Suncoast (6-9) with 22 points.


S (6-9): Green 1-2-4, Rolle 8-2-22, Barnes 3-0-6, Thurston 1-4-6, Peterson 2-5-11, Garnett 2-0-5, Stinson 4-2-10.

PC (10-3): Au. Thompson 10-1-21, Am. Thompson 7-8-22, Ghiloni 3-0-6, Marzouca 2-0-6, Carpio 3-7-13, Harbaugh 0-1-1, Geter 0-1-1, Platner 2-0-4

3-pointers; Marzouca, Rolle 4, Peterson 2, Garnett. Half: PC 35-25.

WESTMINSTER ACADEMY 72, SCHOOLHOUSE PREP 71: A Ben Middlebrooks free throw with 1:16 to play in regulation proved to be the difference as the Lions rallied for the victory.

Westminster needed every point they could muster including the 12 three-pointers made.

Stephan Swenson finished with 20 points and Middlebrooks added 17 points for the Lions.

“We created the tempo I thought helped our guys get into the flow,” said Westminster coach Ehren Walhoff. “Our guys proved why they one of the better teams in the state because we make shots.”

Caleb Muller added 14 points, including four 3-pointers.

Schoolhouse Prep was led by Jose-Luis Benitez with 19 points.

SP (9-5): Ji. Cofer 3-1-8, Ja. Cofer 3-0-7, Wright 5-0-10, Benitez 7-2-19, Saint-Jean 2-0-5, Lopez 6-1-16, Narmko 3-0-6.

WA (10-4): Swenson 6-5-20, Boynton 4-3-12, Middlebrooks 7-2-17, Muller 5-0-14, Abell 3-0-9.

3-pointers; Muller 4, Swenson 3, Abell 3, Boynton, Middlebrooks, Benitez 3, Lopez 3, Saint-Jean, Ji. Cofer, Ja. Cofer. Half: WA 35-32.

UNIVERSITY SCHOOL 82, SURGE CHRISTIAN 70: Sophomore forward Taylor Hendricks led five Sharks players in double-figures with a team-high 18 points.

Roger McFarlane added 15 points.

Skylar Wicks had 27 points to place Surge Academy.

US (11-3): Ethridge 1-0-3, Granrt 2-2-6, Ty. Hendricks 2-0-4, Ja. Howard 4-2-12, Je. Howard 3-3-10, Carey 6-0-12, McFarlane 4-5-15, Ta. Hendricks 9-0-18

SC (10-5): Liumoka 4-1-9, Shaheed 2-1-5, Wicks 11-0-27, Paulino 4-0-8, Lee 5-2-15, Miranda 2-1-6.

3-pointers; Ja. Howard 2, McFarlane 2, Jr. Howard, Ethridge, Wicks 5, Lee 3, Miranda. Half: US 39-27.

BENJAMIN 80, DADE CHRISTIAN 76: The Buccaneers rallied from a 14-point first half deficit behind on 17 points from junior guard Nicolas Anderson.

He also got support from Darrell Sweeting and Daniel McCullon who had 16 points apiece. The Buccaneers finished the game with a 10-5 run to complete the comeback.

Edir Ortiz had 18 points to lead the Crusaders.

DC (7-3): Matos 5-2-16, Lopez 3-1-9, Ortiz 8-1-18, Trinidad 4-0-8, Kalinowski 5-3-15, Riviera 0-1-1, Johnson 4-1-9.

B (4-9): Sweeting 5-6-16, Cueto 5-3-13, McCullon 4-6-16, Nesmith 7-1-15, Anderson 7-0-17.

3-pointers; Anderson 3, McCullon 2, Matos 4, Lopez 2, Ortiz, Kalinowski 2. Half: DC 43-29.


Chaminade-Madonna vs. Pine Crest, 3

Suncoast vs. Surge Christian, 4:30

Schoolhouse Prep vs. Stranahan, 6

Westminster Academy vs. University School, 7:30




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